Self-Defense: Your Actions in the First 30 Seconds Will Save Your Life


During times of crisis, it’s inevitable to see crimes increase. These could range from thefts to assaults to looting and much worse. History will show us that whenever there are riots or other dire situations, criminals will grab the chance to create chaos and grab whatever they can.
It’s just common sense to assume that when there’s a natural disaster or other emergency, the criminal elements in society will rear their ugly heads because law enforcement can’t be everywhere.

It’s during times like these that you must be on high alert and ready for anything. In this article, you’ll learn why the first thirty seconds are the most important when it comes to self-defense.


There are usually only two ways most attacks occur. Either your assailant takes you completely by surprise and tries to knock you out or they approach you threateningly and demand that you hand them your belongings. The same applies to situations such as housebreaking and rapes. It’s always either by surprise or intimidation.

Awareness is extremely important even when you’re not in a crisis situation. If it’s late at night and you’re walking to your car from the mall, you want to be aware of your surroundings.
If you’re a woman, you might even want to have a taser in your jacket pocket with one hand gripping it. This is your 30-second window. It’s not paranoia, but preparation. There’s a saying that when you’re in the woods, it’s better to treat a stick as a snake instead of assuming a snake is a stick.

Being unaware of your surroundings is the biggest mistake you can make. These days, just about everyone’s faces are buried in their smart phones as they walk around oblivious to their environment. You do not have the luxury to do that during tough times.
People who have less than you will want what you’ve got and many of them will have no qualms hurting you to get what they want. Being alert to any possible attack will give you that extra edge.


This is the second step. When you’re aware, you must also be mentally ready to react. If you’re a female, you must be instinctively aware of any stranger’s intentions. Trust your gut instinct. The moment you feel uncomfortable, ask them to back off.

If they don’t listen and slowly try to get closer, you MUST hit them with a preemptive strike. This could either be a knee to the groin or using a taser on them. Run off the moment they’re down.
This is your first thirty seconds. Do not try to plead with them or act like a victim. The same applies to men. In the event of an impending assault, you always want to be the first one to strike and run off the first chance you get.

Most people wait too long before taking action. They shout, scream and try talking their way out of the problem failing to realize that they’re giving their attacker time to plan his moves. You want to be fast, determined and unrelenting till you can escape.


Developing a survival mentality is crucial to surviving. If someone breaks into your house and you have a firearm, you must be ready to use it… and you must use it fast. Violent situations are highly unpredictable.

During the first thirty seconds, most criminals are disorganized. Even if two people try breaking into your house, they’ll be in a panicky state. If you hesitate to use your firearm, you’ll be giving them time to assess the situation and react.

However, if you immediately fire at one of them, you’ll either take him down and send the other one fleeing or the explosive sound of the gun shot will scare the daylights out of both of them and send them running for the hills.

There is no time to talk during the first thirty seconds. You only have time to react after quickly assessing the threat. If you have children, you must first protect yourself first so that you can protect them better.

Many parents have this false belief that they should sacrifice themselves to protect their kids. This is wrong. Even on an airline, you’re always given instructions to wear the oxygen mask first in an emergency. Now you are in a position to help your children.

Your goal is to ALWAYS survive at all costs. If all you have is a knife, you must be ready to use it. Hesitation can lead to your own death… and this too can happen within the first thirty seconds.

So, be aware of your surroundings, be ready to react instantaneously and have a mindset to survive at all costs. Never give up and never give in.

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Stormie Rogers - May 19, 2020 Reply

I really like your posts started reading them by accident and glad I did!
Being a single mom for a very long time I wanted to always be prepared but it’s very hard financially.I read a lot of survival books and all they talk about are the hi dollar guns trucks whatever me and my boys carry multiple knives and some basic
Your web site is real fire making go bags staying warm
Keep up the awesome work and more of those cool cheap gadgets thank you. Stormie Rogers

NATASHA - May 27, 2020 Reply

Many civilians think I’m paranoid and over the top because I’m a woman with a knife on my side always ready and alert to be the stealthy one and take the threat down as quickly as possible.i also have a sword and a rusty hatchet on my dash .I’m adorable but I’ll kill ,dismember or neutralize anyone threatening my community in my presence .I’m a single mom and a survivor of a near death domestic assault situation and I am ready.

Amar - June 2, 2020 Reply

I really think these posts should spread more so everybody knows how to protect themselves, these could really help and save lives. Thanks and you should write more.

Weedy - June 4, 2020 Reply

Always remember to secure your Yourself

Toby Doyal - June 16, 2020 Reply

I only have one statement and this is it for all the men out there. I agree with the preemptive strike but don’t be a pussy and run off when you get them on the ground. At that point you are in control and you need to let them know it by not letting them off the ground and give them a good old ass kicking. Now that is if you know how to fight to begin with, then if not run and go get help. But before you do get a very good look at your attacker or even take a picture if you have a phone. Becuaes more than likely if you did not disable him or her they will be gone when you get back with help.

Johnny Barger - August 2, 2020 Reply

Like the Great Mike Tyson said everyone has a plain until they get hit

Amber - September 17, 2020 Reply

I love the end of this never give up hope surviving at all costs. You guys fucking rock!!

Jorge - September 22, 2020 Reply

Everything in this article is factual. I spent 30 plus yrs as a LE Officer, everything that’s discussed in this article is exactly how most of us train. The only other thing I would add to this article is The Will To Survive. Never give up regardless of how hurt you may be. You must live at all cost. A perfect example of what I’m talking about is the LA Deputy Sheriff, who after being shot multiple times, she scanned the area for any threats and then assisted her partner. She definitely had the will to live and showed it by her actions. Again, always mentally prepare yourself to LIVE, if God forbid something was to happen to you.
Other than that, the article covered all of the important topics. Again Great Article!!


Marcia - October 27, 2020 Reply

I love reading your articles. And, Amber ~~ that kind of language is not allowed on the Internet, I believe!!!

Donna M Elwell - January 17, 2021 Reply

These things are very helpful. I carry a knife in my boot and my gun in my purse. I got my concealed carry and my purse has a special pocket for it.

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