Genius Hacks to Stay Warm Without Power

When SHTF or when you’re just out camping, you never know when you might find yourself faced with freezing cold temperatures and no power furnace to keep you warm. Have you considered what steps you could take to avoid getting hypothermia (or worse)? Here are some simple, easy-to-remember hacks that can help you stay warm without power.

Light a Fire

This may seem obvious, but lighting a fire is one of the most effective ways to warm the space immediately around you. This may be tricky if you’re outdoors in freezing cold temperatures with wet wood all around you. When looking for dry fuel, keep in mind that the driest wood is usually the dead under limbs of standing, green trees. You can also get dry wood from dead trees that are propped on other trees and aren’t rotten inside.

If you’re inside your home when the power goes out, you can light your stove to generate heat. You’ll just need to light it with a match or lighter, since the power isn’t on to create a spark.

Wear Layers

Adding layers to your body is a great way to keep your body heat from escaping. Start with thin, lightweight layers such as thermals, then add increasingly thick layers over the top. If you plan to chop wood or exert yourself in any other way, make sure you remove enough layers that you don’t start to sweat. Once your body gets sweaty, it is much more susceptible to hypothermia. You can always add layers again once you’re done with physical activity.

Stock Up on Hand Warmers

Hand warmers can save your bacon in a pinch. Keep in mind that they can potentially burn your skin, so you will want to stick them to the top of your closest layer (socks, mittens, thermals, etc.) Hand warmers can provide you with several hours of heat.

Keep Your Head Covered

Much of your body heat escapes through your head, so it’s important to keep it covered. If it’s not necessary to hear what’s going on around you, keep your ears covered as well. A thick beanie will work, but a ushanka is even better (a fur-covered cap with ear flaps).

Stay Hydrated

Water helps regulate body temperature and can make it easier for your body to stay warm in cold weather. Make sure you drink plenty of it when you’re stuck in cold temperatures without power. Keep water bottles from freezing by surrounding them with hand warmers or tucking them inside your clothing.

Cover Windows With Duct Tape and Plastic

If you’re inside your house when the power goes out, you can conserve heat inside your home by covering the windows with plastic secured by duct tape. Try to do this very soon after the power goes out, before cold air seeps in or hot air seeps out.

Get Cozy

Sharing body temperature is an effective way to stay warm. If you have at least one other person with you, cuddle up with as few layers as possible between your bodies. Surround yourselves with coats, sleeping bags and blankets to keep your shared space warm.

Drink Warm Liquids

If you have access to a fire, a pot and water, heat your body from the inside out with warm liquid. Whenever possible, consume soups, teas and other warm foods and drinks instead of cereal, milk or other cold substances.

These are just a few of the easiest hacks you can implement when the power goes out. Do you have other great ways to stay warm when SHTF? Let us know in the comments section below! Your recommendations just might help save a life one day.

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