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Coolest butterfly Knife Tricks for Beginners

The Balisong, or Butterfly Knife, is one of the coolest and most controversial knives on the planet. While an agile self-defense weapon in skillful hands, it rose to fame through criminal enterprises, leading to its banishment in many countries. However, many areas relaxed regulations with hobbyists and collectors, leading to a rise in the production […]

What To Look For When Buying a Knife Online

Online shopping is convenient in most situations, but it can also be a significant risk to the shopper. While there are plenty of reputable retailers with recognizable brands and websites, the prepper and hunting industry is filled with counterfeiters and unsavory characters looking to take advantage of honest homesteaders. Therefore, when you are resigned to […]

Best EDC Weapon Combos

Everyday carry (or EDC) items are those that you consistently carry on your person every day. These defensive items can help you prepare for unexpected, dangerous, and/or potentially deadly situations. Whether you’ve carried daily for years or you’re just getting started this year, it’s very important to choose your EDC items strategically. The wrong weapon […]

The Safety and Ownership of Vintage or Antique Weapons

The greatest generation refers to those alive during the World War II era and those who served in the armed forces. While it is a sad realization, every passing year, the country loses more and more of that brave population.Every time a war hero passes, they might leave behind a treasure trove of military artifacts […]