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5 Ways to Keep Meat Without Refrigeration

The world is becoming too dependent on technology and electricity. When there are power outages or system failures, it is too easy to feel like it is armageddon. Disaster preparation is a necessary skill, and it is even more so now with the current crises facing the globe. The primary concerns for any survivalist are […]

Knowing When it is OK To Consume Game Meat

Hunters need to work with care to avoid contact with sickly game because human infection is possible. Unfortunately, not every sickly animal presents with obvious signs of illness. Beyond watching for disease, a hunter needs to act with care when removing the meat, avoiding cross-contamination with bodily-fluids. If you are uncertain of the signs to […]

8 Food Storage Tips

food storage

One of the first thoughts that crosses most people’s minds during times of crisis is food. They wonder if they have enough food at home to last through the crisis and in most cases they don’t, because prepping for emergencies is not the norm. So, they start rushing to the grocery store to grab whatever […]