What Happens if “The Big One” Erupts in Yellowstone

Yellowstone is a tourist’s paradise. The expansive terrain is broken up with other-worldly hot pots, eroded basaltic lava flows, fossil forests, a black obsidian mountain, and a variety of odd formations. While there’s no denying Yellowstone is beautiful and worth visiting multiple times over, there’s also no denying that the very features that make the […]

Preparing and Stocking Up for Winter Driving

Winter months are beautiful in many parts of the country, but you should not let that beauty distract you. Driving conditions quickly worsen during the colder months, with ice and snow becoming perilous for the unprepared driver. A coat of fresh snow over an icy surface can lead to spinouts and accidents, and if you […]

3 Affordable and Effective Rainwater Harvesting Methods

In large scale natural disasters, water contamination and loss are among the leading concerns of preppers. Even when a disaster isn’t imminent, collecting water is useful for reducing your expenses and limiting dependence on municipal supplies. The easiest way to collect water is to store jugs filled with clean, drinkable water, but you have to […]

Building a Food Shortage Stockpile

One of the primary concerns for disaster preppers is knowing they have enough food to last during an emergency. The American Public Health Association even recommends every American have a three-day food supply at a minimum and explain that most experts believe a week supply is better. Knowing that food shortages can occur, what should […]