Liquid and Safe Places To Stash Your Emergency Fund

Many preppers have a hard time trusting banking institutions because of proven greed and negative economic impact. However, the misgivings of a few do not mean that all financial vehicles are dangerous and mistakes. There are many tools to secure your emergency fund and earn you a decent interest rate in the process, and in […]

How To Flee a Country With Closed Borders

Civil wars and other types of armed conflicts can make it extremely dangerous to stick around. After all, you don’t want to deal with stray bullets, snipers or heavy artillery around your family. How can you bug out of the country in an emergency situation if the borders are closed? Follow these tips:1. Know Your […]

The Importance of the Rendezvous

It is easy to overlook the need for a meeting place when an emergency is not imminent. However, in the panic and chaos of a natural or manmade disaster, do you and your loved ones have a plan for knowing who is safe or not? Even when not contending with a disaster, like when hunting […]

Coolest butterfly Knife Tricks for Beginners

The Balisong, or Butterfly Knife, is one of the coolest and most controversial knives on the planet. While an agile self-defense weapon in skillful hands, it rose to fame through criminal enterprises, leading to its banishment in many countries. However, many areas relaxed regulations with hobbyists and collectors, leading to a rise in the production […]

What To Look For When Buying a Knife Online

Online shopping is convenient in most situations, but it can also be a significant risk to the shopper. While there are plenty of reputable retailers with recognizable brands and websites, the prepper and hunting industry is filled with counterfeiters and unsavory characters looking to take advantage of honest homesteaders. Therefore, when you are resigned to […]