Building a Food Shortage Stockpile

One of the primary concerns for disaster preppers is knowing they have enough food to last during an emergency. The American Public Health Association even recommends every American have a three-day food supply at a minimum and explain that most experts believe a week supply is better. Knowing that food shortages can occur, what should […]

Building and Storing an Earthquake Kit in 2021

The National Earthquake Information Center estimates about 20,000 earthquakes happen every year. While that estimate does not specify how many of those events lead to states of emergency or catastrophe, it does put into perspective the need to be prepared. With 20,000 earthquakes annually, the average comes down to about 55 per day worldwide, which […]

8 Things You Should Stock for 2021

The new year is a time to reevaluate provisions and ensure that supplies are appropriate and updated for future concerns or possibilities. As a survivalist or prepper, you are undoubtedly taking inventory and planning a supply run for 2021. This blog post’s information targets some of the specific categories and items you should concern yourself […]

Disasters by Region: Your Statistical Risk

Have you targeted your disaster prep to the most common natural catastrophes in your region? Depending where you live, you may statistically be at higher risk for wildfire, earthquake, flood, tornado or another natural disaster based on weather variances, terrain and ocean proximity.The Federal Emergency Management Agency recommends that all Americans adopt an attitude of […]