Footwear in Survival Situations

Survival Footwear

We all have our favorites. Different foot widths and toe lengths lead us to various top brands. Preferences in how we step and where we like to get outdoors makes for different choices, too. Some of us sleep in combat boots while others feel put out to have to bother with socks at all. But […]

The Faucet Stopped Flowing…Now What?

Water Faucet

Clean water makes civilization. And don’t worry, we’re not trying to summarize thousands of years of human history. So how do we shorten this up for a proper discussion under our big three categories (survival, prepping, and disaster preparedness)?Let’s get the easy stuff out of the way. Your go bags should at least contain a […]

Starting a Fire with Ferro Rod & Steel

In a true survival situation, if one had to pick a single item in advance without knowing any of the details, there is only one obvious answer what that choice should be: caviar and Dom Perignon.Sorry, classic Bond aside, anything with a good blade (multi-tool, or just a good knife) is item # 1. But […]

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