Top 4 Reasons Boar Hunting Is so Important

Wild pigs, hogs, or boars are not often animals that jump to the forefront of peoples’ minds when they think about hunting. For many parts of the country, boars are not a significant burden on local economies or farming communities, but that is not the case in all parts of the US. While boars can be […]

5 Tips for Cleaning Your Rifle or Firearm

There are few tools in a prepper’s or survivalist’s toolbox than their weapon, and most prefer a firearm. While guns are fun and can belong to sport, the primary use of the weapon is for self-defense and hunting. In any situation, however, accuracy and dependability matter, but if your weapon is not maintained and cleaned […]

Understanding Hunting Zones and Seasons in the US

Hunting is a conservation tool, despite animal rights activists that want to argue otherwise. The sales made from licenses for various game seasons go toward conservation practices to ensure the continued population and preservation of specific species. For example, since its inception in 1934, the Duck Stamp has contributed more than $950 million, helping to […]

3 Powerful Things You Can Do To Protect Yourself

Too many people know the value of self-defense without having any practical knowledge. While awareness is vital, practical application is how knowledge becomes useful. It is a natural and flawed expectation that bad things will not happen to you. Everyone has an invisible safety bubble around them to some extent, but having too much confidence […]

4 Fundamental Steps for Learning To Draw Accurate Maps

Objectively, situational and location awareness is among the essential tools in a survivalist mental toolbox. Knowing where you are and perceiving potential hazards or threats allows you to calculate accurate responses to ensure your continued safety and perseverance. However, keeping a physical representation of landmarks and potential environmental dangers is better than relying on memory […]

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