Best Way To Store Guns

You've invested a lot in your firearm collection, from the money it cost to purchase your guns and ammo to the time you've spent training and perfecting your shooting techniques. Protect your investment by doing whatever it takes to keep your guns free of damage and out of the wrong hands. You may be wondering how best to do that, though, because there are so many options out there.

Prevent Scratches, Rust, and Other Forms of Damage

One type of protection your weapons need is from corrosion and scratches. The best way to keep corrosion at bay is to clean your firearms after every use. Never put them away thinking that you'll get to it later. At the very least, wipe down the outside, and then swab and lubricate the bore. Whenever you can, do a more thorough cleaning. If you only use your hunting guns in the fall, take them out about halfway through the offseason and give them a full cleaning and lubrication, even though they've been sitting in storage.

Speaking of storage, what's the best way to store your guns to prevent damage? A gun case comes to mind because it keeps the dust off and prevents bumps and scratches. If you want something fire-resistant, though, you'll need to go with a gun safe. Either way, you'll need enough space to hang your long guns without them bumping into each other, and enough racks to do the same for your pistols and revolvers. Although you shouldn't usually wrap your guns in fabric, a gun sock is an exception because it's treated with silicone to keep moisture away from the barrel.

Keep the Kids Safe

If you ever have young children around your house, whether they're yours or they just visit once in a while, you know how important it is to keep your weapons out of their little hands. Little kids don't understand how to handle firearms safely or how easy it is for someone to get hurt. Assuming you've already decided to lock up your guns in a safe or gun cabinet, what else can you do to protect little ones? Trigger locks are a good idea. You should also make sure everything that a kid could reach is unloaded and that the ammo is not stored right next to the weapon.

Make Sure Your Guns Don't Fall Into the Wrong Hands

Although you don't want just anyone to be able to grab your firearms and either run off or use them against you, you also don't want to go through a lot of hassle to get to them when you need them. So what's the best way to lock up your weapons but also have easy access to them? This is where high-tech strongboxes and gun safes come in. You can mount a strongbox on just about any vertical surface. Think about the inner side of your nightstand, on a closet wall, or underneath your desk. Once it's properly mounted, no one is running off with it or the handgun you store inside. Whether you go for a strongbox or a safe, choose a model with an electronic lock so you can get inside quickly. To be sure you're the only one who can access your weapon, make sure to get a fingerprint enabled.

We've covered the three basic things you have to consider when deciding how to store your guns. Let us know in the comments: What would you add to this list? Have you found a unique solution that works for you?

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