7 Ways To Avoid Being Tracked in the Woods

Have you ever experienced the sensation that someone is watching you? Has this feeling occurred while alone and out in a remote area? While the feeling of being watched is not uncommon, most often, it is your anxiety and not a real threat, but what if the danger and instinct were real? Would you know how to avoid detection in the trees? There are at least seven ways to avoid being tracked in the woods, keeping you safe on your survivalist journey.

1. Use Field Craft

Light, trash and noise are your enemies if you believe you are being followed. People often get too careless when they think they are alone, leaving cigarette butts on the ground, singing loudly, forgetting a sandwich bag from lunch. Field craft is about remaining silent and invisible in the woods, so stay clean, walk slow and be quiet.

2. Avoid Brush

When walking, you want to avoid making an impression. Walking through dense brush or fields often leaves evidence of your footsteps. Flattened blades of grass, crushed leaves and broken twigs are all easy to track, especially if the person has experience. While you cannot avoid all brush, you can sweep the path behind you to make any impressions less noticeable.

3. Travel Game Trails

The best paths to walk are existing game trails. These trails have hard compacted soil because of the wildlife, which means you are less likely to leave a track. However, to avoid leaving even the slightest tread marks, consider wrapping your shoes with a shirt, jacket or other material.

4. Avoid Water

While there may be times to use populated areas for fleeing, when you are in the woods, a water source is the first place skilled trackers will look. People naturally flock to the water. While you may need water, eventually, do not linger around water sources or walk along rivers.

5. Restrict Resting Areas

Depending on how long you need to avoid detection, you may need to rest. Do not draw attention to the resting site. Avoid building a makeshift shelter or moving materials around to make things more comfortable. You want to leave the area as close to the way you found it as possible.

6. Use Misdirection

Misdirection is an excellent way to create a gap between you and the tracker. While walking, cut in and out of places, purposefully leading the tracker in the wrong direction. However, do not overuse this technique or be too obvious because a skilled tracker will quickly identify patterns and falsehoods.

7. Walk With Purpose

If you know a tracker is after you, then you have an advantage. Make sure that every step counts and do things to confuse and misguide the perpetrator. For example, wear moccasins and avoid running, unless necessary. You can also purposely alter your gait and walk on the inside of your foot to prevent leaving toe or heel marks.

While most people experience a sense of someone watching from time to time, most of these occurrences develop out of fear and not reality. However, when in a survival situation, and you know someone is after you, consider the seven tips above to make a tracker’s job more difficult. Also, continue reading BlackOpsTac for insight into emergency preparation and self-defense skills.

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