6 Common Misconceptions About Guns

In the world of political debate, there are few topics more controversial than guns. Unfortunately, as with any discussion, there can be a fair amount of inaccurate information circulating at any moment. As survivalists and preppers, it is crucial to understand the arguments to argue positives against the negatives effectively. When it comes to firearms, there are several misconceptions, but there are at least six that come up more frequently than the rest.

1. Guns Are Dangerous in Everyone's Hands

A common argument from gun control lobbyists is that guns are dangerous in everyone's hands, and while there is no denying the lethality of the weapon, depicting firearms in this manner is too broad. Guns are dangerous when operated by a novice. However, when used by a professional or someone trained in proper operation and safety, a gun is a tool. The same can be said of any construction site power tool. If used without appropriate control and supervision, the instrument is dangerous, but that truly depends on the user.

2. Guns Are Hard To Understand

People like to overcomplicate things. Many individuals advocating for stricter gun control make firearms sound like complicated weapons of mass destruction. The reality is that your smartphone is more complicated. A gun is a simple tool, and when used correctly, it aids in survival.

3. Finger On the Trigger is a Good Self-Defense Rule

Too many first-time gun owners feel that to defend yourself, your finger must be on the trigger at all times; that is not at all correct. Any experienced gun owner will tell you that keeping your finger on the trigger is risking an accident. A good rule of thumb is never to put your finger on the trigger until your shot is lined up, which reduces the risk of misfiring.

4. Guns Misfire All the Time

Despite the rumor, guns are exceptional pieces of machinery that do not misfire willy-nilly. Some people feel that if you breathe on a firearm the wrong way, it will go off. In reality, most modern guns have numerous safety mechanisms in place to prevent accidental firing.

5. Always Aim for the Leg

How often have you heard the phrase "shoot for the leg." While a leg shot is a nonlethal shot most of the time, it is not the easiest shot to make. There is a reason most self-defense teachers tell students to aim for center mass; it is the largest surface area of the body. Therefore, when facing off against an attacker, you are better able to keep them at a distance.

6. Keep Guns Away From Children

Children have a fascination with firearms, especially when a parent owns one. A common misconception is that a child should never be allowed near a gun, but in reality, the sooner they learn about gun safety, the better. If you can instill a child's inquisitive nature with legitimate safety information, then accidents are less likely to happen.

Guns are a significant part of survival and disaster preparation, but it is natural to be met with some resistance from those who do not understand the weapon. While you don't need to defend your position, having basic knowledge is useful in a debate. If you like this blog, read more from BlackOpsTac.

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Bob - September 23, 2020 Reply

It was really a great article he gave a lot of information on the weapons use of the weapons and safety keep up the good work and keep publishing these great articles thank you

Ron Spence - January 31, 2021 Reply

My only comment to the liberals that spew all the gun control gibberish is this:
When you’re life or the life of a loved one is in eminent danger of being harmed
or killed and a handgun in your possession would change the outcome, when you have experienced that then get back to me on gun control.

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