5 Ways to Keep Meat Without Refrigeration

The world is becoming too dependent on technology and electricity. When there are power outages or system failures, it is too easy to feel like it is armageddon. Disaster preparation is a necessary skill, and it is even more so now with the current crises facing the globe. The primary concerns for any survivalist are shelter, health and food. Today's blog focuses on food prep, especially when you are not able to use a refrigerator. There are at least five methods for keeping meat without refrigeration.

1. Curing

Curing meat is a traditional method for preserving meat, and it refers to the slow spoilage of meat through the use of salt. You may have heard of alternative salting methods referred to as salting, corning or salt curing, but these are different from curing with salts and nitrates using traditional curing methods.

To cure meat, you will need adequate space. The area needs to be cool and have ample room for hanging the food. The process is approachable for new homesteaders, but it is time-consuming.

2. Smoking

Smoking is another traditional method of preserving meat. People often smoked meat because the humidity of the area did not allow for dehydration. Modern amenities make dehydration possible even in unforgiving environments, but some people still prefer the classic smoking approach. However, most homesteaders do not recommend consuming smoked meat too often because of the carcinogenic properties of the smoke. Therefore, if you are worried about the risks, use another method on this list.

3. Dehydrating

Dehydrating meat is likely the healthiest option for preserving food, and it can be used to preserve vegetables as well. You can use an electric or solar-powered dehydrator for this process, but if you are looking to stay off the grid, then solar is the way to go. One thing to keep in mind when going for the solar option is that it is weather dependent, which means you may not be able to get through the process on your schedule. Regardless of your method choice, make sure the meat is fully dehydrated or run the risk of developing mold.

4. Pressure Canning

Pressure canning is among the most popular preservation methods available today. Pressure canners use steam to kill all forms of bacteria that grow and thrive on meat, and they heat to higher temperatures than a water canner. Beyond the preservation method, it is necessary to understand that you cannot water bath canned meat because it is not acidic enough. Pressure canners are preferred because they are easy to use, and once the meat is canned, the work is done.

5. Brining

Brining is one of the simplest methods for meat preservation, using a mixture of salt, sugar and water. The preservation occurs because the meat is entirely surrounded by the brine and weighed down in a sealed crock. As with curing, you will also need a cool area to store the crock or crocks.

Disaster preparation is not about what is happening now; it is about what may happen in the future. Learning how to preserve meat without refrigeration is an essential survival skill. If you would like to learn more skills, then continue reading BlackOpsTac.

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