5 Things You Should Always Take With You To The Shooting Range

The following list is not meant to serve as an all-encompassing list for the experienced shooter, but more as a beginner's guide to range essentials. Obviously, as you gain more skills, you will develop habits and routines that will require more tools, but if you are starting out, then aside from your firearm, the five items below will be enough. The key is to have the bare essentials down before complicating the process. Newcomers often do not have the experience to determine the essentials based on their current skillset.

1. Safety Equipment

First and foremost, safety is crucial when you are on the range. You want to protect your eyes and ears with goggles and noise-canceling muffs. Most shooting ranges will have safety equipment available for rent for a nominal fee, but you need to determine your commitment to shooting. If the range is only an occasional resource, then renting may work out for you. However, if you plan on practicing regularly, then it is often more cost-effective to purchase your own gear. It is also more comfortable.

2. Range Bag

A range bag is not the same as a gun case or rifle sling. At the same time, a range bag should be able to carry a couple of pistols, ammunition, goggles, muffs and a snack. While many people without a gun, choosing to rent one at the range, feel a bag is unnecessary, consider everything else you need to carry. The size bag you need will depend on your shooting style and personal range needs.

3. Suitable Clothing

People may underestimate the need for appropriate clothing when on the shooting range. However, there are some basic safety rules to follow. Only wear closed-toe shoes, never sandals or flip-flops. Make sure that your pants and shirt are loose and comfortable, but not too loose. Clothing that is too baggy may get caught in your weapon, leading to dangerous situations like accidental firing. You also want to keep in mind that most indoor rangers are climate controlled, so there is no need for a bulky winter coat.

4. Cleaning Kit

If you want to prolong the life of your gun, then you should bring a cleaning kit to the range. Having a kit on the range means that you can extend your session because you can take small breaks to clean out your weapon. A clean gun improves shooting performance.

5. Camera, Pen and Tape

Having a record of your range session is a must for any novice or an experienced shooter. You want to keep track of your progress, which is why you always want to have a pen and camera handy. You may also want to bring tape so you can better secure your target.

While the above list is not exhaustive, it is enough to get any novice started at the range. As you develop your skills, you will find other necessities for your routine and shooting style. The main thing is to get in the practice because you never know when shooting skills will be essential to survival. If you liked this blog, then keep reading BlackOpsTac for more survival and disaster preparation tips.

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