5 Reasons Every Survivalists Needs a Bow and Arrows and Archery Skills

Archery is the original hunting skill. Before the industrialization of the world and the manufacturing of steel, wood and vine were all hunters needed to bring dinner to your table. Unfortunately, as with many things, the modernization of the world has developed to the loss of traditions. Now people often seek more power and technological advantage, forgetting the benefits of the old and familiar. There are at least five reasons a bow and arrows should be on the list of survivalists and that archery is an essential skill.

1. Expense and Red Tape

Guns are a formidable hunting tool, and there is no denying their accuracy in the hands of a skilled handler, but they are expensive and come with many headaches and red tape. Most states have individual rules and regulations, making it challenging to purchase a weapon. However, bow and arrows do not come with the same limitations. While licenses and regulations may still apply, the level of scrutiny is significantly less. The World Archery Federation also considers archery one of the safest sports, with less accidental injuries than guns.

2. Take-Down Portability

Hunting rifles and other guns are not the most comfortable pieces to carry around for interminable distances. Some firearms are cumbersome, making hiking and travel difficult. A take-down bow, however, is lightweight and can be disassembled for easy storage and transportation.

3. Interchangeable Arrow Heads

Guns are not the most versatile hunting tools, either. Bows, however, provide extreme versatility. Are you looking to hunt big game? Then consider big-game broad-head razor tips for your arrows. What about small game? Consider using stunner tips instead. Also, if you are in the forest and run out of arrows, learn flint knapping to make your tips and arrows. You can never run out of ammo with a bow and arrows, especially with the right skills.

4. Silent Hinting Partner

A bow is also one of the quietest hunting tools in existence. When hunting deer or other cautious prey, quietness is paramount to a successful kill. Guns can be loud, with loading and unloading, cocking and firing. With a bow, if you misfire, you likely won't frighten away all the animals in the immediate vicinity.

5. Versatile Components

A bow and arrows are more than hunting tools. When broken down into its parts, you can do so much more.

  • Build traps

  • Build shelter

  • Make a bow drill for fires

  • Make trotline

While there is no denying the effectiveness of guns, archery and its tools will give you an advantage in a survival situation. From the portability of the bow to the versatility of its components, bow and arrows are a brilliant survivalist companion. However, you know what works best for you. Go out to an archery range and try a new skill on for size, it may surprise you at how well it suits you. After all, if a bow and arrows were good enough for your great ancestors, then shouldn't they be good enough for you, especially during the next pandemic or global disaster.

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