3 Times Big Media Unfairly Censored Gun Topics

It's safe to say that the media is not a big fan of gun ownership. You only need to peruse a national newspaper or watch a nightly news show to see that plenty of people are willfully misinformed about guns and their owners.

The reasons for this misinformation is pretty obvious. The media is invested in reducing gun ownership and relegating gun owners to the outskirts of society. However, that doesn't mean you must take their abuse lying down. Here are three instances of media's censorship of gun topics, which can serve as a great talking point the next time you find yourself speaking with someone who is woefully ill-informed.

The "Dangers" of Assault Rifles

The media likes to drone on and on about the dangers of assault rifles and the need for increasingly Draconian restrictions on these weapons. However, the facts tell a completely different story. Handguns, which are usually left out of the conversation about gun laws, are far deadlier than assault rifles. They're also much easier to conceal than unwieldy rifles, which can be easily spotted unlike handguns.

So, what explains the media's obsession with "assault" weapons? The phrase "assault weapon" is purely political, as opposed to technical. The phrase evokes an image of a scary, gun wielding madman set loose on city streets and quiet suburbs. In reality, the relatively staid-looking and common handgun is far more damaging, yet the media pretty much ignores its existence. The smart patriot asks himself why this is to delve deeper into media bias.

The Second Amendment Is Outdated

Proud patriots take their Second Amendment rights seriously. As an American, you have a right to defend your homestead. You also have the right to defend yourself against a tyrannical government, which despite popular opinion remains an ongoing concern. Implicitly trusting the government is a fool's game, one that people in power are far too invested in.

The truth is, the Second Amendment is just as important today as when it was drafted in 1791. America was built on rugged individualism, which means you're ultimately responsible for your own well-being. Owning a gun is an essential part of this responsibility, as a firearm ensures you never have to rely on others when things get real. While elites like to pretend gun ownership is an outdated relic of a bygone era, keep in mind that society's downfall isn't as far away as they'd like to believe (or pretend).

Gun Owners Are Low-Class, Low-Income, and Low-IQ

It's a classic debate tactic; when you can't attack a person's ideas, attack their character. The media presents gun owners as crazed loons, unable to hold gainful employment, chaotic home lives, absentee parenting, lack of ambition, little intellectual curiosity. These cave men and women are the butt of liberal jokes on late-night TV, the subject of unflattering memes on social media, and generally regarded as less enlightened than their non-gun owning counterparts.

You already know that nothing could be further from the truth. Gun owners occupy every segment of society. Doctors, lawyers, professors, and many others are proud gun owners. Married couples with stable home lives and good jobs make it a point to teach their kids how to safely operate firearms. People in cities, suburbs, rural areas, and elsewhere all count themselves as gun owners. Owning a gun doesn't make you bad person, your actions do. But if you go by what the media says, the world would be better off if guns just vanished from the planet.

Of course, gun owners are already know all about media misinformation. The important thing is to school others in your life by providing the right information. When you hear misstatements or ignorant comments, don't be afraid to speak out using your base of knowledge. You just might be able to change someone's mind with the right approach.

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Mark - October 25, 2020 Reply

I believe in my constitution and my second amendment right to bear arms and I raise my children and my grandchildren to respect guns of all types that’s respect other peoples rights I want to join the service I raise my right hand and pledge garden country I pray that our government we go back to God and country

Yolanda Muae - October 25, 2020 Reply

Thank you for this information.

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