3 Shooting Drills That Could Save Your Life


It's a sad fact of life that active shooters are a viable threat these days. These occurrences happen so frequently that they almost seem mundane. That is, until you consider the broken families and hearts left in their wake. One coward with a chip on his shoulder and an axe to grind can ruin so many lives in an instant, and it just shouldn't be this way.

As it becomes increasingly obvious that you can't always depend on law enforcement to protect you and your family, time spent at the shooting range becomes more important than ever. Sure, it's a good way to hone your hunting skills and blow off steam, but it's also invaluable practice in case you ever find yourself in an active shooter situation.

In this case, plan your practice drills, so they offer the most value to you. Here are a few drills that can prepare you in the event the unthinkable happens. You can't prevent disaster, but you can prepare yourself to take the right actions when it does occur.

General Marksmanship Drill

Sometimes, a perfect shot just presents itself to you. It's in those moments that true heroes are made, and marksmanship drills ensure you're ready. It couldn't be simpler: set up six circle targets and take aim from the 3-yard line. Don't worry about timing. Your goal is to hit each circle dead center on the first shot. Should you be able to accomplish this feat, perform the drill again, but use two rounds as you aim for center. Keeping repeating the process until you're out of ammo or you miss, at which point start from the beginning. Once you master marksmanship from the 3-yard line, move back to the 5-yard line, then 7-yard line and go through the process again.

Abbate Drill

Unlike general marksmanship, abbate drills are timed. You should have at least 18 rounds, as you'll need to reload throughout the drill. Once again, start from the 3-yard line and wait for the timer to go off. When it does, start shooting: hit targets one through six in the correct order, then run to the 25-yard line, shoot targets one through six, then run back to the 3-yard line and repeat. If you miss a target, keep shooting until you get it, then fire off another shot at the same target before moving on. Once your ammo is gone, stop the timer. This will be your score, and obviously a lower time is the goal. This drill is ideal for getting you accustomed to shooting in high-pressure situations. Remember, there are very few do-overs in life, especially when you're neck-deep in a life or death situation.

Pistol Draw Drill

In the old west, a man was only as good as his pistol draw. No matter how skilled you are, it won't be worth a lick if you can't unholster your firearm quickly and efficiently. That's why practicing your pistol draw is crucial if you have a concealed carry permit. Under ideal circumstances you might be a pro, but what if it's winter and you have a massive coat on? Practice drawing your handgun with a coat, without a coat, and repeat, repeat, repeat. When drawing, make sure you have a firm grip on the weapon. And don't look down at your holster, look at your target. Your draw should be second nature. The more you practice, the more muscle memory you'll build up, and the more prepared you'll be to take down any threat.

The world is a scary place, there's no denying it. That doesn't mean you must be scared and feel threatened 24/7. That's the goal behind the prepper/survivalist lifestyle. By preparing yourself for the worst, you have the confidence to navigate life. While others are scared sheep, cowering in fear and waiting for the government to swoop in and save the day, you can conduct yourself like a proud lion.

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I love these tips, lessons you write about and give to us. Thank you.
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