3 Best Guns for Home Defense

When most people think about self-defense training, they think of a person against a person fighting, but relying on close contact encounters should only be a last resort. Allowing an assailant, especially when armed, close to you dramatically increases the life-threatening risk you face. Instead, self-defense, especially at home, should focus on maintaining distance, and the best way to maintain distance is to arm yourself with a weapon, like a gun.

It is crucial to note that no one should use a gun without proper and adequate training. By design, guns are deadly. Attempting to use a firearm without formal training and understanding of the weapon is how accidents happen. However, assuming you have trained, the following three gun types are the best for home defense.

1. Revolver

One of the most affordable guns available is the revolver. Revolvers come in both double and single-action varieties, and you can own one for as little as a few hundred dollars. The firearm is small and easy to store and is an extremely reliable weapon. Because of the simple design, a revolver is almost impossible to jam.

 While the gun is easy to use, it is essential to weigh your options for the action you desire. While a double-action eliminates the need to cock the weapon first, allowing for quick-firing, the rapid action eliminates hesitation as well. Removing delay may sound great to an experienced shooter, but for a new gun owner, the need to cock a single-action can prevent accidents.

2. Pump Action Shotgun

Pump-action shotguns, like the Remington 870 or Mossberg 500, are considered among many shooters to be the ultimate home defense weapon. The popularity stems from the gun's ease of use. You load a few shells into the shotgun and then chamber a round. Once you fire, pump again to eject the first round and load the next.

Pump-action shotguns are an excellent defense weapon because of the ammunition as well. Shotguns fire shells with multiple projectiles. For example, birdshot has hundreds of BB-sized pellets that spread out when fired, making it easier to hit a moving target. Therefore, you do not have to have incredible accuracy when facing off against an intruder, especially since pumping a shotgun is often enough to scare away any intruder.

3. Semi-Automatic Pistol

Many people are fascinated with semi-automatic pistols, but while these firearms are an excellent option for skilled shooters, like police officers and military, they are not the best option for a first-time gun owner. Semi-automatic pistols are complicated, and all the components that make it an excellent choice for skilled shooters are the same things that cause jams for the novice.

If you are an experienced shooter, then a semi-automatic like a Glock or 1911 is an excellent option for home defense. However, if you are new to shooting, then one of the first two options would be a better choice, with the pump-action shotgun being the best for simplicity and accuracy. What do you think is the best gun for home defense? Leave a comment below, and check out more BlackOpsTac blogs for more survival insights.

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Richard McKeever - September 25, 2020 Reply

Love your site. Do you have power assisted knife

Thomas Etheridge - September 29, 2020 Reply

I have heard of shotgun pistols, but know nothing about them. I am curious about their suitability for home defense or concealed carry, and the available configurations (revolvers, semi-automatics, caliber & recoil considerations, round capacity, etc.)

Adam - September 30, 2020 Reply

Pump action 12 gauge shotgun baby best home defense weapon love it.

Dan - October 1, 2020 Reply

The Mossberg Shockwave or Mini Cruiser 12 or 20 gauge shotguns are perfect for home defense. Both are compact and with the proper adapter you can use mini shells to reduce recoil and allow you to load more shells while it does not reduce the effectiveness of the shot.

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